Watercolor on Arches 140 CP (300 grs, fine grain) – 29” x 21” (75 x 55 cms).

Contributed by Lana Privitera, Hudson Valley in New York State

1- After looking long and hard at my reference photo, I decided that I need to add a couple of spoons in a diagonal, to balance better the composition. I’ll ponder later what decorating pattern they should have.
Once my mind is set, I do a very detailed sketch and I trace it afterward onto the Arches paper.
In this complex composition, I start painting some of the dark areas first, to help me locate better the other shapes and also so I can judge better how dark my light-tones and mid-tones should be.

Limited palette: Cobalt Blue + Burnt Siena Deep to create darks, Raw Siena for my golds, and Permanent Rose and Winsor Blue for accents.


2 – Doing some fun wet-on-wet mixes with Cobalt blue, Burnt Siena Deep and Permanent Rose.

3 – Deciding here which ones will have cooler colors, to contrast with the golden ones.
Using the same colors again: wet-on-wet mixes with Cobalt blue, Burnt Siena Deep and Permanent Rose, but this time using much less Burnt Sienna in the mixes.

4 – At this point I have basically mapped out all the shapes and their colors except a few spots. I have eliminated some odd shapes I see in my reference photo, so I need to fill in those areas with new, realistic looking objects. What colors should they be? What shapes should I create? They can wait for now. It will be easier later to see what colors the painting needs once it’s almost completed.

5 – Applying more layers of the same varied wet-on-wet mixes of Cobalt blue, Burnt Siena Deep, Raw Siena and Permanent Rose. I also created some interesting muted greenish browns with Sennelier Hooker’s Green + Burnt Sienna. The Light blue accents are Winsor Blue. A dark mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna Deep was used to create the crevices and designs in the utensils.

6 – Applying more layers here and there to achieve depth. Completed more of the designs in the utensils. Now I can see clearly what shapes and colors I need in those empty spaces.

7 - 7 - ALMOST DONE...but not quite!
I test some shapes and colors in the previously empty areas. They still need to be darkened but it looks like the shapes are suitable. It’s time to assess what I still need to do to make it more 3-D. 
I definitely need some shadows where some of the utensils overlap each other. I also need some highlights here and there and a few “scratches” in the spoons as well. I also need to soften many edges. 

Most importantly, I need to create a little golden glow in some of the more bluish-looking utensils, so they integrate better in the composition.

8 – DONE!! 
“Recycle” – watercolor on Arches 140 CP (300 grs, fine grain) – 29” x 21” (75 x 55 cms).

If you would like to see more of Lana's amazing watercolors visit: https://www.watercolorsbylana.com/