Watercolour Tips & Tricks
Here you will find helpful tips and aswers to the most frequently asked questions in the world of watercolour. These are suggestions only. Every artists paints differently and uses their own preferred tools and methods.

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What's In Your Artbox?

We found a few worthy resources to help you get started in the world of watercolour. Let us know if you also have links we can share here.

Like it so often does with art supplies, selecting paintbrushes for watercolors ultimately comes down to personal preference. Your choice rests on the watercolor techniques you like to use, how much you're willing to spend, and simply how certain brushes feel in your hand. In helping you narrow down your options we'll look at hair, shape and size and then I'll try putting it all together with some recommendations. Paintbrushes For Watercolors...

Watercolour Mediums
If you're new to watercolor painting, it's best to focus on mastering the fundamentals of watercolors before experimenting with mediums and additives. By just mixing water with watercolor paint you'll be able to create a wide range of effects.Watercolor Mediums...

There are lots of different types of watercolor paper available to watercolorists, and even after you've narrowed down the selection to the best varieties, it often boils down to personal preference. Here are some factors you should consider when making a selection: (1) quality, (2) production, (3) content, (4) weight, (5) texture, (6) tinting, and (7) form. A great article...

Watercolor paint comes in a range of varieties, so if you're not sure which paint to buy, this page will provide you with a quick introduction so you can get the paint you need and start painting your masterpiece! Get the lowdown...

Palettes, sponges, kneeded erasers, foam brushes, masking fluid, wax sticks, varnishes and more...another great article from professional artist Thaneeya...

Tips & Tricks

How To Varnish A Watercolour Painting

Contributed by Kathryn Ragan
Kathryn Ragan Watercolour Gallery


Create The Ultimate Palette Of 13 Colours To Paint All Your Watercolour Art

Published September 22, 2017
By Désiré George Herman