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American Watercolor SocietyAmerican Watercolor Society
The American Watercolor Society is a nonprofit membership organization that began in 1866 to promote the art of watercolor painting in America. Each year the Society holds a juried exhibition of watercolors from artists throughout the world.

National Watercolor Society
The National Watercolor Society is a USA watercolor society open to all. In addition to workshops, symposiums and painting competitions, they host international exhibitions that draw entries from around the globe.

Professional Worldly Watercolour Artists

Alvaro Castagnet
“Painting is an illusion. Art is inside.” Alvaro Castagnet was born in Montevideo, in the beautiful South American country of Uruguay. His early interest in art was cultivated mainly by his father, who sent him to the National School of Art in Montevideo at a very young age where he was taught by Professor Esteban Garino. Castagnet carried on his formal education in art at the Fine Arts University. Castagnet writes articles for many international artist publications worldwide. Alvaro travels around the world, painting, demonstrating, lecturing, and judging art competitions also guest-attending exhibitions of his work. He is the author of the out-of-print, “Watercolor Painting with Passion” & “Painting with Passion – Beyond Technique” books. Alvaro is featured in innumerable art books, videos, DVDs and acclaimed international art publications.

Anders Andersson
"How is it that one gets stuck on watercolour painting? For me it's about curiosity and an exiting journey through chaos and order. The colour hue, the paper, the moisture in the brush, the individual character of each colour and your own state of mind make the watercolour so direct. You are always just a few brush strokes away from merely a flat muddy mess with no interest. Sometimes the colour seems to blend in a chaotic way. During the drying process the character changes with every second. Experiment by combining Ultramarine and Burnt Umber together. Sit an enjoy the drama that unfolds on the paper while this mixture dries. That’s how you get stuck on watercolour painting."

Antonio Masi
"About a decade ago, I began a series of paintings that mainly focus on the bridges of New York City. The first bridge I painted was the 59th Street (Queensborough) bridge. I have a particular attachment to the 59th Street Bridge because in the early 1900s my grandfather Francisco Masi was one of the multitudes of Italian laborers who hauled steel girders to build it. Many years later, I learned that the bridge opened in 1909 and that more than 50 people had given their lives to building it."

"In 2000, at age 60 and after raising three children, I was finally able to dedicate myself to painting the major bridges of New York City. I work mostly in watercolor and feel, contrary to old-fashioned expectations, that it is a powerful medium capable of expressing bold subjects. I tend to use watercolor thickly--the way most people use oils. To develop mood, I apply multiple glazes and juicy washes. Then, I refine areas with descriptive details."

David Taylor
Recognized worldwide for his painting and teaching, David Taylor’s work is regularly exhibited in Australia, England, the Channel Islands and Stockholm. He has held regular one-man exhibitions of his work since 1975. In each exhibition he expresses his love of working freely on location and his love of spontaneity, shape, light and colour. “I like giving back what I have successfully earned throughout my career. There is a balance. It is sad if one has a passion not to share it. The world of watercolor is alive and well and has a wonderful global following gained by sharing the love and knowledge of this beautiful medium."

Iain Stewart
Iain Stewart is a watercolor artist / illustrator and a signature member of both the American and National Watercolor Societies. His work has received numerous awards in international competition and he is a sought after juror and workshop instructor. He is also an architectural illustrator with an international clientele- a business he has run for the last 20 years. Iain maintains a studio in Opelika, Alabama.

Joseph Zbukvic
Joseph Zbukvic is a leading master of watercolour medium of his time. His impressive achievements and enormous success is due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering an infinite variety of subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all around the world.

Lourdes Sanchez
Lourdes Sanchez is a New York painter whose primary mediums are watercolor and ink. She is interested in both squarely facing and hopefully transcending a history of prettiness in the watercolor tradition, and sees it as a metaphor for the desire to align with loveliness often sought by or imposed upon the feminine, while giving a glimpse of the complex subtext beneath. However some of her work is simply a love affair with the natural world, and a fascination with the geometric and molecular structure which is the underpinning of organic life. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, N,Y and Merida, Yucatan.

Thomas Schaller
I was raised on a farm in the American Mid-West, spent much of my life in Manhattan, and now live under the vast skies near the sea on the West Coast of California. And I have been fortunate enough to travel much of the world. And as are we all, I am deeply affected and influenced by my physical surroundings - by the dense built environments of the urban landscape as well as by the unspoiled natural landscapes of our beautiful planet. And I gain much inspiration as a painter when and wherever these two worlds collide - as they so often do.