Featured Artists
The Watercolour Artists' Gallery proudly features artists who are showing their work with us. This is a great place to hear their thoughts, follow their advise and gain important insight into the world of watercolour.

Amarjeet Maan, Nagpur, India

I am a self taught artist from India. Painting for me is like meditation, it calms my mind and gives me purpose and a new dimension to my already satisfying life. My subjects vary from still life, landscapes, urbanscapes to portraits and is uniquely identifiable by its realistic touch. My paintings have been on display at the following International Watercolor Exhibitions IWS Delhi, Fabriano, IWS Canada, IWS Hong Kong, IWS Thailand and more.. > READ MORE... 

Janet Gilliland, San Diego, California

I was born an artist, as I’m sure many can identify with. I remember my first art lesson was in kindergarten, I was drawing a tree and she told me how the trunks don’t go straight in the ground, that the roots curve slightly out! I was in heaven with colorbooks and crayons. The 64 color box with a sharpener was my dream... > READ MORE... 

Brigitte Bowyer, Abaco Islands, Bahamas

I grew up in Germany in and after WWII. My generation of the family was divided into artists and lawyers...mainly artists. I can’t remember a time in my life I did not create something visual. Maybe making art and seeing art in every museum I could find was the only way I could get away from those memories of war.


Margie Hildreth, San Antonio, TX

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I liked to draw when I was in school but after high school I didn’t do anything art related until about 5 years ago. I took a watercolor class and fell in love with the medium. I felt like this is what I want to do and began to paint and draw on a regular basis. My style is continuing to evolve but I would say that I like to capture the contrasts between light and shadow in a vibrant format.


Jim Morgan, Hertfordshire, UK

I studied art at school from 14 to 18 with an intensity such that it detracted from my other studies. The art tutor allowed us a lot of latitude during our studies so I studied painting, print making, photography, ceramics and sculpture resulting in a great portfolio of work which was enough to get me into polytechnic with only one A level (in Art). At polytechnic I decided to study product design for three years followed by a further two years of industrial design. As a result, I have spent most of my working life drawing every day...


Nelly Oostland Veldhuis, Hoorn, the Netherlands

Nelly Oostland Veldhuis grew up in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Hoorn is a beautiful medieval town overlooking lake Markermeer. This southerm body of water used to be part of a North Sea inlet called Zuiderzee. In 1932 the Zuiderzee was closed off by the Afsluitdijk (E22), a 32 km (20 mi) dike.


Holly Forrest, Lancaster, PA

During my formative years growing up in Philadelphia I developed a love for art. One of the greatest influences on my life was my mom, who is also an artist. Both my brother and I took art classes while young. I attended classes at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and earned a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design.

Bob Holmes, Millington, IL

Most of Bob's current work uses the subject of the local farm countryside. He has always had a love of the landscape. Growing up in central Iowa and then living in the farm surrounded community of Millington located in north central Illinois has served as inspiration for his paintings. While the subject of his paintings are the farms, it is the light of the day that he tries to capture to help tell a story of the type of life the people of these communities enjoy and endure. > READ MORE... 

Kathy Los-Rathburn, Griffith, IN

To have the good fortune to know Kathy is to love Kathy! She shares not only her beautiful art with everyone but her heart as well, in everything she does. What makes Kathy like a jolly Mrs. Santa, all year round?  We wanted to know. > Read on! 

Kathryn Ragan, Langley, B.C., Canada

Looking at Kathryn's paintings, you may be tricked into thinking they are rich oil paintings. She uses deep earth tones, beautiful backgrounds and such realism that brings you in and around her subjects. Kathryn is a master at painting animals and is available for commissions. Contact the gallery if you are interested..

Sneak peak! Painting Uno...A Rooster's Progress >>

Posey Gaines, Skiatook, OK USA

Posey GainesPosey was recently invited to be a guest artist with doodlewash.com. His article "Facing Down The Critic" tells his story and offers advise to watercolour artists of all ages and talents. Along with examples of his beautiful art, Posey will give you 4 rules to apply when painting. READ MORE >

Graham Berry, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Graham Berry's work has been selected for inclusion in North Light Books: Best of Watercolor series; Splash 14: Light and Color, Splash 15: Creative Solutions and Splash 16: Exploring Texture!

His work began with Graphic Design and Illustration and has develped into being an accomplished watercolourist, teaching others through his own experience. Last summer he gave a 3 day workshop in the South of France for Rochemaure Aquarelle, where he returned again this summer. Graham is also exhibiting at Rochemaure's Benialle.