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Margie Hildreth, San Antonio, TX

"I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. I liked to draw when I was in school but after high school I didn’t do anything art related until about 5 years ago. I took a watercolor class and fell in love with the medium. I felt like this is what I want to do and began to paint and draw on a regular basis. My style is continuing to evolve but I would say that I like to capture the contrasts between light and shadow in a vibrant format.

I am influenced by, of course, John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer. I have studied with well-known watercolorists, Keiko Tanabe, and Andy Evansen.

"Brakenridge Reflections"
watercolour by Margie Hildreth

Watercolor is very popular in other parts of the world but I feel it is gaining in popularity here in the US as of late. I have seen many more watercolorist winning top prizes in painting competitions. Watercolor is always described as the hardest medium to master, but it does not command the respect of oil. I feel this is slowly changing with plein air painting (painting outdoors). Plein air painting is getting to be very popular and watercolor lends itself to plein air painting very well. It is easy to carry a small pallet and paper to paint outside. I usually plein air paint once per week.

watercolour by Margie Hildreth

Art Gallery Prudencia, in San Antonio, is currently representing my work. They carry both my studio and plein air paintings. I feel very honored to be included in this gallery of very talented artists.

"West Texas Sky"
watercolour by Margie Hildreth

The advice I would give new watercolorists is to paint every day. I have been told this many times and it truly makes a difference in getting better as a painter. You just have to put in the miles. I would also say that plein air painting is so much more difficult but the best thing you can do to learn to paint. Painting from photographs does not give you all the information you need to render a meaningful representation.”

watercolour by Margie Hildreth

To expand and share her talents, Margie maintains memberships in the American Watercolor Society, the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, the American Impressionist Society, and the Texas Watercolor Society. She is also an associate of Women Artists of the West and American Women Artists. Margie's work has been honored in numerous shows and exhibitions.

"Evening at the Canyon"
watercolour by Margie Hildreth
Frist Place in LPAPA's - "Salute Our National Parks," Laguna Beach, CA - July 2017

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