Featured Portrait Artist

Kathryn Ragan, Langley, B.C., Canada

Kathryn is PASSIONATE about LIFE...from nature and her love of horses, to art with her watercolor portraits of animals and people, among other subjects. She has been sharing her techniques with other artists, hungry to learn the media.


Examples of Kathryn's Work:

"Girl"                                                                        "Laughing Labrador"

"Bruno"                                                        "Ginger"

"Girl and Dog"                                      "Dog"

About Kathryn's Style:

My style is quite realistic, and I try to imbue the portrait with what I feel is the personality of the subject. Or what I find striking about them. My technique is largely wet-in-wet and dry brush, or whatever I feel will express best what I am trying to "say".

When I have a commission, I prefer to be able to take my own photos. But that is quite often not possible, so I will work from good photos sent by the client. A reasonable photo does not have a lot of dark cast shadows, shows features and colour well, and preferably gives a fair bit of detail [but I have worked successfully from some less-than-optimal photos].


I will do a detailed drawing or two, and from that , decide on format and background. I then transfer the drawing to watercolour paper, and I'm off.


I like to work closely with the client to give them the results they desire. So there is some emailing and/or phone calling to approve the drawing, and to mutually decide on colours, format and background. As I work closely with the client, I keep them up-dated as the work progresses.

Tutorial: Painting Uno, a Rooster's Progress

See how Kathryn created this beautiful portrait of a rooster named Uno. Kathryn shows us step by step progression of how this painting evolved...MORE >






Contact Kathryn Ragan Directly:

Email: studioatthefarm7@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathryn.ragan.artist/
Website: https://studioatthefarm.ca/
Watercolour Addicts' Gallery: https://watercolouraddictsgallery.com/gallery10.htm