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Kathryn Ragan, Langley, B.C., Canada

I am passionate about LIFE! As an artist, I bring my ardor along with high standards of technique to my creations, fashioning artwork that is realistic, vital and warm.

I have been teaching painting and drawing for the past few years, and love it. Our classes are more like tutorials with ideas flying around, and everyone pitching in. I also have a blog [studioatthefarm.blogspot.com] where I quite often do posts describing and illustrating the progress of a painting. So I am keen to be involved in instruction, and tips and tricks for the gallery.

Painting Uno...A Rooster's Progress

Meet Uno, a colorful rooster who lived at my vet's small hobby farm. He was a very handsome and proud bird.

Drawing in my sketchbook, with a few scribbled notes.

First washes - aureolin, quin. sienna and quin. burnt orange

More of the oranges, with some new gamboge to brighten the yellow. His comb is a mix of burnt orange and alizarin crimson.

Still more gamboge. The tail feathers, both brown and blue, are mixtures of burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone.

Starting to give the body feathers some texture with more of the same colour, or mixtures made with complementary colours.


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Kathryn is always available for commission work. Please visit her blog page to see more and get in touch! Studio at the Farm.