Watercolour Addicts

Watercolour Addicts are artists and other members of the "Watercolour Addicts" group on Facebook. This group was started by watercolour master, Ron Morrison, in 2012. Ron has taken such good care of this group, moderating it along with three others, and making sure everyone stays on point with transparent watercolours. Whether you are an artist, a sightseer or a fan of watercolour, it is worth joining this group. The art posted there from around the world is amazing.

The Gallery - A Commission Free Art Galllery

The natural next step was expressed by the artists themselves..."Wouldn't it be great if we had a common place to display and sell our art online?"

That is where I come in. My name is Lori Underwood. I have a degree in Graphic Design and a lot of years in Marketing. I was laid off from my job in March of 2017 and after searching the job market with no luck, started exploring other options. I have been a big fan of the Watercolour Addicts Facebook page and even purchased an original watercolour from Ron Morrison.

I remember seeing several posts from artists expressing the desire to have a gallery and thought, I can do that. I can build it and market it for them. I pitched the idea to Ron. He said he has always wanted a gallery for the group but never knew how. He was thrilled.

And here we are. The Watercolour Addicts' Gallery launched October 5, 2017.

WE ARE A COMMISSION FREE GALLERY! All sales transactions happen directly with each individual artist. The gallery does NOT take a commission on the artists' sale. Buyers can negotiate with the artist and feel confident they are receiving the best price and information for each piece of art. Artists, who work very hard on their art, do not have to worry about paying part of the sale of their precious art to the gallery. The gallery receives a one year membership fee of $75 from each artist who wishes to paticipate and be promoted in email and social media, year round.

This gallery promotes and sells (mostly transparent) watercolour art from talented artists from around the world. You can purchase original art, (highly recommended), as well as prints and other products, at very reasonable prices.

Art collectors and buyers who wish to contact the gallery directly, please email: lrobinson@watercolouraddictsgallery.com.

Future Goals

Our goals for the gallery are to continue to support and spread the word about amazing watercolour artists and their works. We will also be encouraging and inspiring future artists to learn through offering classes and tutorials, books written by our artists, links to learn from the masters and more. The site will evolve as the needs arise.

Thank you for supporting the Watercolour Addicts' Gallery.