Tutorials From The Watercolour Addicts' Gallery Artists

Watercolour can be a tricky medium. But it can also be easy if you take it step by step. Here, artists from our gallery are contributing tutorials to help you learn and enjoy watercolour painting. Come back each week for a new watercolour tutorial.

Painting "Just Armed with Love"

Contributed by Daune Sheri, Brooklyn, CT - USA

My technique for watercolor painting uses Ampersand Aquabord, Daniel Smith’s Watercolors, Escoda Versatil Brushes in round, sizes 6, 2, 0, 0/3 and a scalpel blade.

A painting can take several weeks to complete, involving many hours and many washes of color painted on a lightly water sprayed surface. Each color is diluted with lots of water so there is only a very slight hue when applied to the clay. This allows me to create depth and tonal change with the slightest gradation of color.



Painting An Old Car

Contributed by Ron Morrison, Courtney, BC - Canada

I am a life long watercolourist. Painted with Reeves watercolors in grade school and took Art in the Park in the summer. I have always loved old cars and when I couldn't afford to restore an old wreck I did the next best thing, I painted one instead and I was hooked. For me, they are so much fun to paint. My subject matter allows for unlimited combinations and permutations of colours and textures.

Take a look inside my world to see how this watercolour painting took shape. > MORE

Painting "Waiting For A Fare"

Contributed by Graham Berry, Blackpool, Lancashire - UK

In the spring of 2017, together with his wife Pauline, Graham Berry embarked on a watercolour workshop tour of the USA & Canada. He taught 9 workshops in 9 weeks, three 2 day, five 3 day and one 4 day, a total of 25 days, a lot of preparation! The workshop tour began in Illinois and then on to Texas, South Carolina, Arkansas, Maryland, Edmonton (Canada), California and finally Panama City, Florida.
A master at painting the human figure and capturing the vibrant colors of life, Graham shares his step by step painting of "Waiting For A Fare" > MORE

Painting Uno...A Rooster's Progress

Contributed by Kathryn Ragan, Langley, B.C., Canada

I am passionate about LIFE! As an artist, I bring my ardor along with high standards of technique to my creations, fashioning artwork that is realistic, vital and warm.

I have been teaching painting and drawing for the past few years, and love it. Our classes are more like tutorials with ideas flying around, and everyone pitching in. I also have a blog [studioatthefarm.blogspot.com] where I quite often do posts describing and illustrating the progress of a painting. So I am keen to be involved in instruction, and tips and tricks for the gallery. > MORE